What we do..

Argh! is committed to safety in rigging in the entertainment industry. This includes contribution to NERS documents, called "Dutch Entertainment Rigging Standards". Examples of these are the NERS T1.001 - Length and Color Coding, or NERS 2.001 - Terms and Definitions.
Argh! is also represented in the standards committee of NEN 363060, Electrical Installations and Events: Structural Aspects. This committee has now published a number of practice guidelines, such as NPR 8020-10 Safety Factors, NPR 8020-11 Manually Operated Flying Systems for Persons, NPR8020-14 Maintenance and Inspection and the NPR 8020-13 Rigging-plot.

Furthermore, Argh! is also represented at the first European initiative for standardization of lifting in the entertainment industry: the CWA25.This is a CEN workshop agreement (you may call it a covenant) between a large number of parties from several European countries. This document is available at all the national standard institutes. In Holland this is the NEN.

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