Joining Argh!

The strength of Argh! is its knowledge and experience.  Most members are independent in their own field, making ARGH also "independent". Our profession is small, and consequently unique. Few cases are documented. This being so, Argh! realises that using each other‚Äôs help will enable us all to perform safely and efficiently and will inevitably serve constantly to improve the industry.

Basic membership
Argh! has a number of requirements for membership. If you want to join, then your work will mainly consist of rigging in the entertainment business.
What we expect:

  • Actively participate in Argh!
  • Share your knowledge and experience
  • Knowledge of existing laws, standards and guidelines, read and comment on documents

What you get:

  • Right to vote at Argh! meetings
  • Trips to businesses and manufacturing plant
  • Receipt of  e-mail correspondence  between members
  • Updates and commenting on new Dutch and European documents

What does it cost?
If you want to join, ask around on the working floor. Annual membership costs Eu 250,-

Associate membership
If your daily work does not consist of rigging, or you have no time to participate, or you do not meet the membership requirements, but you do want to stay informed, then you can support Argh! for Eu 100,- per year by becoming an associate member. You won't have access to the Argh! information and you won't get minutes, but as an associate member you can use Argh! to address any rigging related question, and you can expect a serious answer. As an associate member, you are also welcome to attend meetings and, at additional cost, you are welcome on our excursions.

Argh! for companies
Statutes provide that membership is available only to individuals. Naturally, staff members belonging to companies are welcome as “sponsored” individuals.Notwithstanding, we do welcome corporate sponsorship from companies involved in the entertainment industry that share our objectives and values.
Previously we have been sponsored to participate in the preparation of European CWA 25 talks.
Regular members, associate members and sponsors often have locations available for meetings or other activities. We keep companies that sponsor Argh! informed of developments and provide them with information. On request, we can also mention your company on the sponsor page of our website.