Coming months we will be translating some of the most informative pages of our Argh! website.

You might allready have noticed the Brittish and Dutch flag symbols in the main navigation menu (top-right). The guys of Fourdigits implemented a translation module in Plone for us, and now we can start translating all information. We realised there's no such thing as an international riggers website yet, though some individual riggers pages exist, but not with all the information about national and international rigging standards and other information. Furthermore, Rhino's trainings are more and more abroad, and silly enough only some Belgians speak Dutch.. so an English version of our site seemed the thing to do.

Note that English is not the only language we're interested in: trainings are also given in Spain, Portugal, Russia and the Middle East! So that's why we currently are working out a list of rigging words with translations to Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian etc. We hope to find some time this summer to finish our first version.. keep you posted!

Roy, 15 june 2009